A bigger Sierra 51050 awaits and it's coming on May 25!

From the success of Sierra 51050 comes the second leg of this unique and Team-tested race. The Sierra Revenge is a call for more unity that will become the stronghold of each team. Enjoy the challenging route and great views of the Sierra Madre roads while having a good time and camaraderie not just with your own, but with other team as well.

Slots are limited, so register now!

What: 2014 Sierra 51050© Leg 2 - The Revenge
When: 25 May 2014 Sunday, 4:00 AM
Where: Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
Beneficiary: Tree-planting advocacy of Tanay Municipality

Distance and Registration Fees:
  • 50K Sierra Relay - Php 5,000.00 - 5-man Team relay, 10K-20K distance per Runner, 50K total Team distance
  • 21K Duo - Php 2,000.00 - 2-man Start-to-Finish buddy, fee inclusive of Transportation*
  • Registration Promo (for the 50K Sierra Relay):Get 10%off for every batch of 3-groups registered per Team
  • *Each shuttle must meet the maximum passenger capacity for Duo participants availing the transportation.
*Registration Inclusions:
  1. 50K Sierra Relay - Race Bib, Finisher's shirt, Sierra souvenir, Sponsor freebies, Team Leader's Orientation**
  2. 21K Sierra Duo - Race Bib, Finisher's shirt, Sierra souvenir, Sponsor freebies
*Race kits will be distributed during the Team Leader's Orientation for the 50K Sierra Relay, and on Race Day for the 21K Sierra Duo. **Team Leader's Orientation schedule will be held one week before the event. Venue to be announced soon!
Sierra Duo (21K) Bib Design
Sierra Relay (50K) Bib Design
Registration Centers:
  • Online Registration (via Bank Deposit):
    1. Deposit Payment to: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
      Account Name: Rundezvous Inc.
      Account Number: 2431-0082-14
    2. E-mail scanned or photo-captured deposit slip to: teamrundezvous@gmail.com, Subject: Sierra Revenge Registration: [Team name]
    3. Fill-up the Online registration form
  • In-store Registration Centers: All SecondWind Running Specialty Stores
Event Time:
  • 4:00 AM - Assembly
  • 5:00 AM - 50K Sierra Relay Gun-start
  • 5:30 AM - 21K Sierra Duo Gun-start
For more information, visit: Sierra Five Ten Fifty or Rundezvous Inc. on Facebook or you may also contact Rundezvous Inc. via Ms. Abet Ocampo thru contact number(s): (+632) 636-2847 / (+63)915-803-0224 Sierra 51050© and Sierra Series© is owned and organized by Rundezvous Inc. in partnership with Running Atom™ and Running Free Manila.

Make the Team spirit work!
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A very late post, just saw this from my hundreds of pending drafts waiting to be posted.

Part of the membership application process in Philippine Skyrunning Association (PhilSky), is the requirement to attend the yearly Sky Learning Series (SLS). These classes are not the usual academic nor running clinic classes, but are an utmost important set of skills that a Skyrunner, a Mountaineer, adventure Racer, or even a trail Runner may need for survival and/or rescue purposes.

Last year (September 1, 2013), the 2nd module of the SLS -- Rope Skills and Rescue training was held at Kampo Uno in UP Diliman. The class was spearheaded by Mr. Ramon "Mon" Marchan from Rope Access Services and Consulting Inc. (RASC). Mr. Mon is one of the PhilSky Pioneer member and also the President of High Angle Rescue Team (HART). He was participated by other people from RASC Philippines who assisted us during the rappelling and rescue drills.

PhilSky's SLS2 Participants

Attended by both the PhilSky members and 2013 PhilSky applicants, the full lecture lasted for almost the whole day and tackled about three (3) major topics: Rope Rescue Safety and Equipments; Knot-tying and Rope harness; and Rappelling -- the favorite of everyone which also includes the rope ascend and descend skills. After these mind-opening skills topic, an actual demo of rope rescue was also shown at the rappelling wall of Kampo Uno to give us a clearer idea on how this kind of skill can save your and other peoples' lives.

Below are some of the nutshells of the training. Pardon me though as I wouldn't be able to describe in words how the different knot-tying are done, some of the knot-ties though have links to a step-by-step knot-tying animation.

The lecture began with safety rules and reminders that must be put into heart by anyone doing any rope-climbing activity. These safety rules are like mini-bible that will save your own life.
  1. Margin of Safety (MOS)
  2. Backup (BU)
  3. Check-Double-Check (CDC)
  4. Attention to Detail (ATD)
  5. Know Your Way Out (WO)
In contrast to these safety rules, there are also, like in any life's situation, adversaries that may hinder or might cause to break these safety rules, and these are called the enemies of safety.
  1. Ignorance
  2. Casualness
  3. Memory decay (ugh!)
  4. Overconfidence
  5. Distraction
  6. Stubornness
Below are the photos of the different knot-ties under the Figure-of-8 family, the highly-recommended type of knot-tying by RASC:

Simple - basic knot-tie of the figure 8, mostly used as a stopper.
Bend (Join) - provides a safe and simple way to join two ropes. The two ropes should not differ very much in size and for safety, the ends should be longer. After joining, each end of the rope should be tied around the other standing end (using double overhand stopper knot or a square knot).
Loop - allows a simple and reliable Figure-8 loop to be tied to an open-ended post or a bar.
Follow Through - just like the Loop but the process of tying starts with a Figure-8 knot from the attachment point, then the tail-end follows through the original Figure-8 knot in reverse. This knot allows a simple and reliable Figure 8 loop to be tied to a ring, a carabiner, or your own harness.
Double Loop (Bunny ears) - based on the simple Figure-8 knot but uses two double-loops. This knot can be used as an improvised seat (i.e. rope rescue), or to equalize loads. This knot is more stable because it is unlikely to slip so that one loop gets larger at the expense of the other loop.
Tensionless Hitch - does not belong to the Figure-8 family, but is an essential knot use to gain a secure control of heavy loads. Notice that a Figure-8 Loop is used on one end, a carabiner may also be attached on this end.
Prusik Knot - a piece of cord with joined ends using the Figure-8 bend loop. This is often used for climbing (ascender or descender) by sliding it through a static rope.
Rappelling down on an improvised rope harness called the diaper wrap
Front and view of the diaper wrap harness on Ms. Nina Dacanay while rappelling
Rope rescue demo. The guy on the blue shirt and bonnet is the one who is being rescued, while Sir Mon Marchan, the one on top is the rescuer

*Knot-tying photos are owned by the author while the rappelling, rescue, and group photo is courtesy of Mr. Romano Cortes Jorge.
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3/03/2014 11:33:00 PM

My First Race Directing Stint

It was an invitation so inviting and so frightening at the same time. It gave me shivers, added up to my sleepless nights, headaches, morning self-debates, and sudden emotional spikes. Nevertheless, we pulled it off! The team spirit -- our primary aim for this event, was first tested within ourselves, within us who organized the Sierra 51050.

In my lonesome, meditating hours, the names and the previous races of our great and well-known Race directors were all flashing back in my mind - Coach Rio Dela Cruz, Edward Kho, Thumbie Remigio, Jay Em and Ian Alacar, Atty. Jon Lacanlale, Rudy Biscocho, Vince Mendoza, Jonel Mendoza, Alvin Balderama. How did they put it off? What pointers can I get from my experiences running their races? What would be their decisions at this very moment? Where will they stand in conflicts such as this?

Although it was all successfully done in the eyes of the participants, for us there are still more than we can improve in many aspects of the race! Still, I am not without fear, and I am actually nervous more than before. With expectations and standards already set, we know we have to give more than our previous best to give the Runners the same (or better) challenge and quality race that they deserve.

To all our sponsors (World Balance, Tupperware Brands, Spyder Philippines, Suunto, Pascual Lab, Creamline Dairy Corp., and SensaCare) and race partners (SecondWind Running store, Takbo.Ph, PinoyFitness, Spin.Ph, Running Photographers, Six:30 Running Group, and all our Blogger friends), we couldn't have even done it without your invaluable contribution.

We will see you again on our next series - the Sierra Revenge. In the meantime, here's a short video clip of the recent Sierra 51050.
Video Credits: Allan Enriquez/Abet Ocampo

Event Photos are from Running Photographers.
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2/25/2014 05:10:00 AM

Sierra 51050 Race Result

The Hills Are Alive in Sierra 51050!
Sigue Correr Runners and Team Intensity won the titles for Team Relay and Duo Half Marathon

February 24, 2014 MANILA, Philippines –It was an awesome morning when running buddies and teams experienced the challenging rolling hills of Tanay, Rizal in the Sierra 51050: Team Comes First last February 23.

Sierra 51050 promotes team spirit and camaraderie among runners and teams

Running teams, companies and runners from Laguna, Rizal and Manila compete for the title as the Champion for Team Relay and Duo Half Marathon categories. It was a cloudy day with 22°C weather but as early as 1am participants were already in the venue anticipating the race. Sierra 51050 ignites team spirit and encouraged runners to come together in a friendly competition where speed, endurance, tactics and strategy are key elements to win the race.

For the Duo Half Marathon, Team Intensity took the title for Champion (Team Intensity Bravo, 1:35:00) and first place (Team Intensity Alpha, 1:40:00) while Team A followed at second place with a time 1:55:14.

Champion of Duo Half Marathon, Team Intensity Bravo (in the middle) with Carlo Catronuevo, Marketing Manager of World Balance and Abet Ocampo, president of Rundezvous, Inc.
1st place of Duo Half Marathon, Team Intensity Alpha
2nd place of Duo Half Marathon, Team A

For the Team Relay, where there are five (5) members in a team running the 50-km route. Runners A-D run for 20kms each while Runner E runs the very challenging last 10km leg. The Team Relay champion is Sigue Correr Runners A with an official time of 4:02:26. 1st place goes to The PowerPuff Boys with time 4:05:53 while 2nd place goes to Nestle WRC1 with time 4:17:40.

Abet Ocampo, president of Rundezvous, Inc. presents the Champion trophy for Team Relay
Team Sigue Correr Runners A gets the award, prizes from co-presenters World Balance and Tupperware and optics from Spyder. Flanked by representative from Tupperware, Race Director Alfredo Vedarozaga (RunningAtom), Rundezvous, Inc. president Abet Ocampo and World Balance marketing manager, Carlo Castronuevo
The Powerpuff Boys gets the 1st place for Team Relay
Team Nestle WRC1 gets the 2nd place for Team Relay, flanked by representative from Tupperware and Allan Enriquez (Running Free Manila)

Rundezvous, Inc. aims to promote the concept of team in running, known to be an individual sport.

This is a first concept race for Rundezvous, Inc., known to organize fun runs and runs for a cause. In partnership with RunningAtom and Running Free Manila, co-presented by World Balance and Tupperware Brands, the race started and ended in Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort.

Sierra 51050 would like to thank their official timekeeper is Suunto Philippines, official photographers Running Photographers, official eyewear Spyder Philippines, registration partner SecondWind Running Specialty Store, healthcare partner Pascual Laboratories, refreshment partner Creamline, natural therapy treatment from SensaCare, special thanks to Team USB and Team Six:30. Organizers would like to thank the Tanay Local Government Unit for securing the safety and protection of the race participants.

The Official Race Result is now out. You may view and download via this link: Sierra 51050 Race Result.
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The Team Leader's orientation held last night was a success, it was well attended by the registered teams, friends from the media/bloggers, our volunteer crews from Team USB, Running Photographers, Six:30, and of course the whole RDV teams was also more than happy with the presence of our Co-Presentors from World Balance Philippines and Tupperware Brands Phils.

For some of the registered Running teams who were not able to make it last night, and also to those who are yet to register for 50K Team Relay or the 21K Duo Team, here are the race mechanics and safety reminders that you ought to know about. This was discussed last night and a QandA was ran-down during the discussions.

Race Mechanics:

Sierra 51050's relay is not your regular team relay race. Ours is a unique and first of its kind of team relay in which two of the teammates will run from specific distances and must arrive at the check-in station at the same time. We encourage team spirit, so as much as possible, we recommend that both the tandem buddies must pace, push, encourage, and motivate each other so you could both finish with a better time.

If leaving your slower teammate alone would result for him to be able to run much better, that is also welcome, but your time will not be recorded and your team's next leg will not be flagged-off until both of you are on the check-in station.

The start and finish line will be at the assembly hall of Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort (SMHR) in Tanay, Rizal. The route will be purely roads, traversing Marcos Hi-way (Marikina-Infanta Hi-way). The series will be as follows:
  1. Runner A will be flagged-off at the starting line, running towards the 1st station (km. 10) in GSD Compound, Sampaloc, Tanay.
  2. At the 1st station (km. 10), Runner A will check-in his time. Then both Runners A & B will run in tandem going to the 2nd station, Antipolo-bound.
  3. Upon reaching km. 20 (in-front of SMHR), Runner A will drop-out and check-in their time, then Runners B & C will run in tandem towards the 3rd station (km. 30).
  4. At the 3rd station, Runner B will drop-out and check-in their time. Runner D will then start running in tandem with Runner C towards the 4th station (km. 40).
  5. On the 4th station (km. 40) which is the final check-in station, Runner C will drop-out and check-in their time. Runner E will then start running in tandem with Runner D towards the finish line.
  6. Upon reaching 500-meters before the Finish line, Runners A-E will have the option to join their team for the final stretch of crossing the Finish line together.

Below is how each team member will be deployed before starting:

And this is how the team member's position along the check-in stations after running each of their legs:

Race Rules:
  • Team Waivers must be submitted before 5:00 AM. No waiver, no racebibs, 15-minutes late = DNS (did not start).
  • Racebib must be visible at all times and should be pinned in front.
  • International runners are limited to two (2) per team.
  • In case of injured runner (before or during the race), the team shall decide who will cover the remaining distance and the same runner must also run his own leg.
  • Support vehicles must post the team tarp with the Sierra logo and text: “RACE ON-GOING”
  • The tandem runners must arrive at the same time at each check-in stations.
  • Failure to check-in means an incomplete lap. Any incomplete lap deems the whole team as DNF (did not finish).
  • Transition stations will be situated every 10-km and will have a corresponding timekeeper to record the running tandem’s arrival.
  • Runners are advised to bring their own hydration equipments as water refilling stations will only be available at each check-in stations (every 10-kilometers).
  • Strictly NO-LITTERING and NO USING OF PLASTICS. Anyone caught violating their policy will be subject to penalty from fines to imprisonment.
  • PLEASE BE LAW-ABIDING! RDV and the Tanay government shall not be liable to anyone caught violating the rules.
  • The weather between 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM can be chilly. Gear up with a windbreaker to protect yourselves from the cold climate.

Safety Reminders:
  • All runners must run in single file, at the opposite side of the road, and minding the blind curves and passing motorists.
  • Marshals/Barangay Tanods will be deployed at regular intervals along the course, they will be available for communication assistance should there be no network coverage along the area.
  • Headlights, flashlights, or blinkers, and at least one (1) reflective vest is a must for Runners A and/or B.
  • Each team may bring:
    1. Extra money
    2. Cap /sunvisor
    3. Sunblock
    4. Extra clothes
    5. SIM card from various network
    6. Ample foods and hydration for the team
    7. First-aid kit
  • I.C.E, you may approach our Marshals or Tanods, or contact us directly at the following numbers: 0922-849-2384 (Sun) * 0915-803-0224 (Globe) * (number for Smart will be posted soon).

Race Day Weather Forecast:

Kilometer Markers:

You may take a break and have your best shots at these kilometer markers with the Sierra Madre mountains on the background.

Sierra 51050 would like to thank the following race sponsors and partners:

Sierra 51050 Co-Presentors
  1. World Balance Philippines - Official sports gear
  2. Tupperware Brands Philippines
  3. Spyder Philippines - Official sports eyewear
  4. Suunto Philippines - Official timekeeper
  5. Pascual Labs Philippines - Official health partner
  6. Creamline Dairy - Refreshment partner
  7. SensaCare(R) Premium hot and cold herb packs - Relaxation and Pain relief partner
  8. SecondWind Running Store - Official registration partner
  9. Running Photographers - Official event photographer
  10. Tanay LGU, Team USB and Six:30 Running Group

Godspeed Runners and see you on Race Day!
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The race is getting near, we're getting excited as much as you are, but we're not going to start it without getting to know you and for your team to get to know us, familiarize the race mechanics, and have a firm plan on team strategy come race day. So we are calling the attention of the Team Leads (or a representative in case the Team Leader is not available) of the 5-MAN TEAM RELAY CATEGORY to attend in behalf of your team, submit your team's waiver and get your team's race bibs in exchange.

WHO: Team Leaders of the Sierra 51050's 5-Man Team Relay
WHAT: Team Leads Orientation (Team Relay Briefing)
WHEN: 13 February 2014, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Function Room 1, Escalades Cubao, Quezon City

See the map below how to get to Escalades (click image for larger view):

On-site registration for the TEAM RELAY only will also be entertained during the event.

Part of the proceeds of the race will be for the benefit of the tree planting advocacy of Tanay, Rizal.

Sierra 51050 is organized by Rundezvous, Inc, co-presented by World Balance and Tupperware Brands in partnership with Running Atom and Running Free Manila. Official photographer will be Running Photographers with the race’s registration partner, SecondWind Running Specialty Store. Special thanks to Team USB and Team Six:30.

Read and learn more about the Sierra 51050 Team race, and Frequently Asked Questions.
Read More “Sierra 51050 Team Leader's Orientation”

What is Sierra 51050?
Sierra 51050 is a team road race set in the rolling hills of Tanay, Rizal.

What does 51050 mean?
51050 is read as five-ten-fifty: Five-man team doing increments of 10kms going around a 50-km loop.

When you say increments of 10kms, does it mean each member covers 10kms?
The team's distance coverage increases as each member runs alongside his/her other teammates at every 10th km. interval.

When is Sierra 51050?
It will be on February 23, 2014, Sunday from 3:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What time is the gunstart?
The race starts at 5:00 AM.

How much is the registration fee?
Early bird registration fee is Php 3,000.00 from December 16-31, 2013. Regular registration starts January 1-February 8, 2014 with Php 3,500.00 per team.

What are the inclusions in the racekit?
The racekit will include the racebibs of the team (5), Sierra shirts and finisher’s kits (5).

Are there hydration stations?
Sierra 51050 is a green race thus every member of the team is required to have his/her own hydration bottle/bag. Hydration stations are located every 10 kilometers or every checkpoint. These stations will be situated 100 meters away from the checkpoint to avoid congestion.

Will there be shuttle service to and from the venue?
Sierra 51050 is a team race that will make it imperative for teams to get to the venue and assembly area AT THE SAME TIME, which may only be possible if the team is supported by its own transport system. It will be the organizer’s prerogative to arrange for transport shuttle, as needed, but this will be charged to the teams who will request for such service.

Are international runners allowed to join the race?
Sierra 51050 caters to all runners. We recommend that the international runner(s) be a part of a local contingent (e.g., 2 at most).

How many teams can be formed from the running groups, companies and schools?
There is no limit of how many teams who will join. Running groups, companies and schools may field in more than one (1) team; should be readily identifiable with a different or varying team name. This may increase the chances of groups at winning coveted prizes.

What type of vehicle is recommended for a team?
A team is required to bring a support vehicle that will hold the team, their support and the driver. There is no limit for the support of the team (support crew is optional), as long as they will abide by the race rules on parking BEYOND hydration stations and checkpoints to avoid congestion of cars and participants.

Support vehicles are also prohibited to shadow runners or traverse the race course unnecessarily.

Is there a minimum requirement for a participant to join?
A participant should be comfortable in running 10-20 kilometers.

So how many kilometers does a runner cover?
A runner may cover 10-20 kms for a leg.

How does that work?
Starting km.10, there will be two (2) Runners of each team running at a time up to the finish line:

At what point along the route will runners pass the baton? Will they have to run together at that point?
Sierra 51050 is a UNIQUE team race. Instead of simply passing the baton from runner to runner, starting Km 10, Runners 1 and 2 will run together. By Km 20, Runner 1 finishes his/her leg and Runners 2 and 3 will run together. By Km 30, Runner 2 finishes his/her leg and Runner 4 will join Runners 3. By Km 40, Runner 3 finishes; Runner 5 will finally join Runner 4. It is highly recommended that the runners be in single file.

What will happen to the finished runner?
When a runner finishes, he/she shall ride the team’s vehicle to join his/her team.

What happens when a finished runner won’t be able to join the team?
The team is required to plan how to pick the finished runner and to deploy the member to run.

Will there be a leg where only one member runs?
Yes. Runner 1 will be the first to run solo from Km 0-10. By Km10, he/she will be joined by Runner 2. By Km 20, Runner 2 will be joined by Runner 3 and so on.

What happens when in the middle of the race, a team member gets injured?
Sierra 51050 organizers have planned for a safe and secure event. As a contingency, there will be an ambulance roving around the 50-km route and will be on-standby when for emergencies. In case a team member gets injured during race, it is the team’s decision to assign another to cover the remaining distance (i.e., Runner 1 gets injured at Km 10. Runner 5 can cover Kms. 10-20 BUT will still run his/her assigned distance Km 40-50).

In the extreme scenarios mentioned above, any member of the team is obliged to report and get a sign-off from the RDV Secretariat, a contact number of which will be given before the race.

How will the race be timed?
The official time of the team will be based on the check-in time of Runners 1-5. Runners are required to coordinate (they will countersign on a sheet provided) with the timekeeper in the checkpoint before send-off.

Who will finish the race for the team?
As per the mechanics of the race, Runners 4 and 5 will cross the finish line. BUT the whole team may cross the finish line together.

Who will win the race, the one with the most cumulative distance or the first to cross the finish line?
The first team with Runners 4 and 5 crossing the finish line will win the race.

How many winners will be awarded?
The first three (3) teams to cross the finish line will be the top three (3) winners of the race.

What are the prizes of the winners?
Winners will be given citation, trophy for the team and cash prize.

Who can we contact in case of emergency?
You may contact Allan Enriquez 0917 6312255, Abet Ocampo 0915 8030224 or Zarina Segundo 0916 5217400. You may email us at teamrundezous@gmail.com

Read and learn more about the Sierra 51050 Team race and also check the schedule of Team Leads Orientation.
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1/18/2014 03:15:00 PM

Race With Your Team at Sierra 51050

*Update: Introducing the 21K Tag team category. Run a Pikermi distance (21K) along the Sierra Madre route together with your running buddy, bestfriend, or special someone! Register now before slots run out, only 50 pairs of slot is open for this category! Read more about the race details below.

It's no longer about you, it's about the team. Do you have it in you? Form a group of 5 members, and measure your patience towards the finish line.

Here comes your not so ordinary team relay race. This is a test of patience, a test of your team's spirit, team's skill, and your team's determination. You will motivate one another, push each other, and run along side with one or two of your teammates along the 50K scenic and hilly route of Sierra Madre. Start training now together with your team for this one-of-a-kind and team spirited relay race!

Make your team stand-out by donning your own uniform, support vehicle setup, cheering squad, or anything you like to give your teammates the motivation to conquer and play well with one another.

Put in not just one, but as many groups as you can form and see who will be the fastest, most motivated, and most team-oriented among you is. Each member are only required to be comfortable running between minimum of 10K to a maximum of 30K distance.

What: Rundezvous Inc's Sierra 51050 - Team Comes First
When: 23 February 2014 Sunday, 3:00 AM
Where: Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort, Tanay, Rizal
Beneficiary: Tree planting activity of Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal

Distance and Registration Fee:
  • 21K (50 pairs slots only) - Php 1,600.00 (Tag team of two) (20 Jan. to 8 Feb. 2014)
  • 50K - Php 3,500.00 Regular registration (4 Jan. to 8 Feb. 2014)
  • 50K - Php 4,000.00 Late registration (9 Feb. to 15 Feb. 2014)

Registration Steps:
  1. Fill-up your team's information via the online registration form
  2. Deposit your payment via BPI Savings Account: Mark Anthony Terrado / 4949-6250-74
  3. E-mail your scanned/photo-captured deposit slip to: teamrundezvous@gmail.com
  4. Download the team waiver form from the Sierra 51050 Facebook page
There will be a Team Leads Orientation on February 13, 2014, 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Escalades, 20th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City. Racekits will be made available in the orientation after receipt of the signed team waiver.

Registration Inclusion:
  1. 5 Race bibs
  2. Finisher's Kit (Shirt; Sponsor's giveaway)

Tag Team Finisher's Shirt:

Event Time:
  • 3:00 AM - Assembly
  • 5:00 AM - 50K Team Relay Gun-start
  • 5:30 AM - 21K Tag Team Gun-start
50K Team Relay Elevation and Route Map:

21K Tag Team Elevation and Route Map:

For more information, visit: Sierra Five Ten Fifty or Rundezvous Inc. on Facebook or you may also contact Rundezvous Inc. via Ms. Abet Ocampo thru contact number(s): (+632) 636-2847 / (+63)915-803-0224

Sierra 51050 is in partnership with Running Atom and Running Free Manila.

Check the schedule of Team Leads Orientation and read also our Frequently Asked Questions.
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