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Bodivance "Why I Love Sports?" Promo

This Promo has already closed!

As most of us know, Bodivance has been here with us already for quite a period. I myself have benefited from its Scientific breakthrough and the accounts of my own personal review of Bodivance can also be read here.

And to my lucky readers, you may also get a chance to try Bodivance for yourself by joining the "Why I Love Sports?" Bodivance promo.

What's at stake if you join? Read more below about the mechanics, and the award for the lucky one:

Prizes to be given:

1 - 80ml Bodivance pump bottle (yes, it's a bottle, not just a sachet)
1 - Bodivance shirt
1 - Bodivance sports bag

  1. Just leave a short line of comment/reply or an e-mail about what sports do you like, and why do you like it.

    For Example:
    “I love running because it gives me and my family extra bonding time when we run every Sunday morning” or “ I love cycling because I get to witness beautiful sceneries, get a gush of fresh air and feel free every time I compete out of town” or “I love swimming because I get to exercise without aggravating my knee injury from my other land sport”
  2. The entry will be judged according to clarity, cohesiveness, value interest, and total impact.
  3. Bodivance team (from Marketing and Communications) will be the one to judge and pick one (1) winning entry.
  4. This promo will run for two (2) weeks only starting today up to Apr. 24, 2011.

It's as easy as that and you don't have to spend a penny just for you to be able to try this breakthrough product in your acitivity or sports. So share your thoughts now about your loved sports, and why do you love that sports.



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