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First Leg of the RunRio Trilogy

Century Tuna Superbods run 2010 - one of the grandest, high-technology race, most-awaited, and much anticipated race event of the year garnered more than 11,000 of newbies and seasoned runners. The event was such gigantic and spectacular that you couldn't even imagine it would fit those population of runners, visitors, and spectators for the event.

This time, our Company's unofficial running team was able to register five 10k runners, which includes me, LostRunner, MoonRunner, BanditRunner, and our newbie runner - RunningGuard who was sponsored by our VP for Corporate Communications. It was really a good feeling that after some time, more and more runners are now taking the longer distance categories. I no longer feel alone when running, and the feeling of having a competent colleague just adds up a lot to my excitement.

The 10k Runners

The Good and Bad Points
On my personal experience during and after the race, there were really no much big deal that I can complain about. Although I encountered some taxis and private vehicles traversing the road that would've been reserved for the runners, and some are even cutting through the runner's way which is very dangerous. I even saw this one Coach from our Unilab Running Clinic on his motorbike, running through a private vehicle and calling the attention of the Marshall who allowed this particular vehicle to pass through the closed road (near 5th or 28th ave.) halting some of the 21k and pack of 10k runners.

As for the misguided routes, it was our running colleague - LostRunner who experienced this mishap for the second time (and that's why we called him LostRunner), the first was during the 1st McHappy Fun Run which is also his first run.

Overall, I give Coach Rio and his team a big salute, a 9 golden thumbs up, and an overwhelming congratulations for a job well done. Realizing their shortcomings on the event, Coach Rio as the race organizer, showed such a great and good example of humility to everyone. Within the day, he released a thank you and apology letter on his website addressed to all the participants. So, all I can say is Congratulations to Coach Rio, Century Tuna,, and to all the teams, partners and sponsors who made this great run possible! Not only them can learn from this, but to all of us and also to other race organizers.

Waiting for the raffle draw :)

Racing for a New PR
Dissatisfied with my previous PR on my last Condura Run, I made a mind-set days before to give my best for this race. Coupled with enough confidence and slight pressure between my co-10k runners, I was able to put up a good effort to maintain my relaxed pacing during the first 4k, and slowly burst my speed for the last 6 kilometers.

The first few kilometers was the one that has been a challenge to me. Though my shins are aching in every turnover of my legs, it helped a lot as I think back about all the stuffs that I read about good running form, our trainings, my previous races' disappointments, and knowing that the pain would only last for a few minutes. Thus in no time, my feet are already moving on its own, and on a speed comfortable enough for me while maintaining a good breathing. Getting near the finish line, I was zig-zag running through the population of the 3k and 5k runners, where some are already/just walking throughout the remaining distance.

As I reach the finish line, it was unclear whether I was really left behind or if I was ahead of the pack since the place is still crowded by many spectators. But upon entering the area for the post-race event to claim my loot-bag and certificate, I realized, I was still ahead of those thousands of 3k, 5k, and 10k runners since there were still no line in each of the claiming booths.

My First Award
No, I did not win a running award, but this is one great award for me, my very first award after more than 20 running events that I have joined as of this date.

After the race, I dropped five Century tuna labels on the Century Supermart tent, together with this guy who chose to open the drop box for him to easily drop his bag of Century tuna label entries. Walking away from the drop box, I was feeling a bit of disappointment thinking that my chance of getting drawn out was very slim. But after the race, and during the raffle draw, I was surprised for having been drawn as one of the winners of an Ironman Timex watch.

My first raffle-award from running.

Another Surprise
The next morning, Monday, in the office, MinnieRunner greeted me with a Congratulations and a shake-hands, telling me that I placed 28th overall the 10k under the men's category. I was again surprised and happy at the same time that I was able to beat another PR and another rank, which, I have attained on this big event.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Finish Time: 00:49:56
Half-split: 00:27:55
Official Ranking: 28th out of 1,738 male finishers

Official Update (as of 26Feb2010):
  • Age Category: 7th out of 470 aged 25-29 male runners
  • Men's Division: 33rd out of 1,812 male finishers
  • Overall Ranking: 40th out of 2,467 overall 10k runners
Race Info:
When: Feb. 21, 2010.
Where: The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 (RunRio Trilogy Leg 1)

You may download the official race results HERE.



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